Ladies and gents (and the rest of you )...the Feedback and Suggestions forum is a great place to discuss your opinions on how HF is, and/or should be, moderated. Threads started in other forums, for other topics, are not appropriate for more than a passing suggestion on HF's organization or moderation. If your point is worth considering, please make sure it gets the attention it deserves by creating a new thread in Feedback and Suggestions.

We try to keep HF organized, friendly and easy to use, but it takes a lot of energy and we're not perfect. Sometimes we let threads wander a bit b/c they're "mostly" on topic and because of the sheer effort in moderating every single post to keep things perfectly organized. Please do not take advantage of this. In the future, off-topic posts re: HF moderation will be edited/deleted/moved at the moderators' discretion, without mercy and usually without notification to the original poster.

Thanks to everyone for participating and for your contributions to making this such a successful and friendly community.