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    Thumbs up JRB MWUQ + HH Safari

    My hammocking friend from Asheville, NC was visiting this weekend. He is the guy who introduced me to hammocks, but he is not an HF member. So I decided he would like to see the Blackbird and the HH Safari No Net. Then, considering the Safari was already up and it was such an unusually cool morning for Aug. in MS, we decided to test a recommendation from Pan: the Mt.Washington Under quilt on the big Safari, which Pan said would work just fine.

    He was right. This was the easiest set up I have had so far an UQ on a gathered end hammock. It was almost as easy and straightforward as using it on the JRB Bridge. I had no gaps under me, including apparently no significant gaps under my left leg. It works great, and I now have no excuse not to use the very comfortable Safari in cold weather.

    It fit and seemed work great either on the lateral or right down the mid-line, which is a very comfortable, recliner like position in this net-less Safari. I couldn't stay there long, because relatively cool or not, my back quickly started getting to warm.
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