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    Maryland marsh

    Hi all . I spend a lot of time in Dorchester Co Maryland . Dose any one know of any camping in the Dorchester marches ? My research as led me to believe that it is not allowed on any state or federal land and the only campgrounds I can find are for RV . Thank You Rick

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    MD is pretty finicky about their 'wet land/marshs' and the areas surrounding them ... Dorchester seems like a smaller county, you may want to open your search to the surrounding areas if that's possible. Delaware is a stones throw away from the county line.
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    I live on the shore and really don't know of any marsh camping areas in Dorchester county. There may be hunting guides who would allow hammock camping on some of their hunting properties though. Trapp pond state park in Delaware is not too far away and has nice sites for hammocks, hiking trails through the woods, the large pond, streams...nice area!!

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