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    SOLD: Cleaning out the gear closet

    In an effort to 1) clean up some of the accumulation in the gear closet and 2) a need for funding to buy more gear, I am listing the following items for sale:

    1) REI Ti Ware 1.3L nonstick pot. Used on one trip. No dings or scratches. Includes original nylon sack. Retail value of $59.50, available for $40 including shipping.

    2) (SOLD) GSI Dualist cooking system. Includes 1.8L Halulite pot, two neoprene insulated covered "cups" (20oz) and two bowls (also 20oz). This was an early set that did not include the sporks that are included in the current retail version. Never used in the wild, just a couple of kitchen boil tests. Retail value $59.95, available for $40 including shipping. This is a very nice small kit, it just didn't work for what I wanted... SOLD.

    3) MSR Windpro stove (remote canister type). Used only for some kitchen testing. Excellent condition. Weighs 6.5oz. Very nice wide flame pattern, very stable 3 leg integrated stand. Includes maintenance key and aluminum windscreen. I do not have original packaging. Retail value is 89.95, available for $50 including shipping.

    4) MSR DromLite 4L dromedary water bag. 5.1oz. 3-in-1 cap for filling/drinking/squirting. Wide mouth fits MSR water filters. Never used.
    Retail $27, available for $20 including shipping.

    5) Tents (I have 3) ..... ah hahahaha. Who am I talking to??? Nevermind.

    Retail prices were taken from REI. There may be better prices out there. I didn't research that extensively. As noted above, I will pick up the shipping on all items.

    PM me if interested.
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    What kind of tents do you have? I'm not interested for me.

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    The tent...

    The one tent (of the three) that I would sell (until such a time when I can afford to appropriately gear my three kids in hammocks) is:

    Sierra Designs Tiros 1, 3 person, 4 season tent. It was bought new in 1999, for about (best estimate based on web search) $450. The tent, fly, poles, 6 aluminum stakes, and stuff sack weigh in at 116 oz (7.25#).

    It was meticulously cared for and has no significant wear or tear. In the past ten years it was used maybe a dozen times. Definitely no holes anywhere. The poles are usable as is, but some might want new shock cord as there is a bit of stretched slack. This thing is bombproof, zips up tightly, and warm in cold weather. A bit stuffy in the summer even without the fly as the only netting is at the doors. I think it is easy to put up alone. Very stable in the wind/snow. The only stakes you really need are for the front vestibule.

    I have a thick black plastic sheet I used as a ground cloth I'd add in (weight was not included in the above measurement).

    Not the tent I'd personally take backpacking anymore(most recently I've used our Big Agnes Emerald Mountain or our Big Agnes Seedhouse SL), but a good car or boat tent or for someone not inclined to ultralite (cuz this aint!).

    I set it up and took pictures. Will send or post if anyone is actually interested. Name a price. I'd be happy anywhere from $75-100. I don't think I can throw in the shipping on this one for free...but realistically you can build that into your offer.
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    I had great success selling my old 1999 Eureka 2 man 4 season 9lb summit XT for $130 + shipping on ebay! Almost paid for my new OES SpinnUL Tarp! Great audience for overweight tents.

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    I lack experience in this whole sell via computer thing. eBay has always made me nervous--though for no rational reason. Perhaps if nobody here is interested, I will go down that road.

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    e-Bay charges a small fee to list your items. You're better off having a PayPal account than taking a check from a potential buyer, but PayPal deducts a percentage of your sale price.

    Other than that, e-Bay is usually a safe place to sell items.
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    Man, if it was a tarptent I would take it off your hands. Only have a cheap walmart tent for those tent nights. But it was the only tent that survived a beach monsoon without wetting through or flooding (although not getting in it while it was raining played a small part).
    Is that too much to ask? Girls with frikkin' lasers on their heads?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Coffee View Post
    Man, if it was a tarptent I would take it off your hands. Only have a cheap walmart tent for those tent nights. But it was the only tent that survived a beach monsoon without wetting through or flooding (although not getting in it while it was raining played a small part).
    If you made a groundcloth in the rectangular shape of the tent with grommets, it would make a pretty sturdy tarp tent. The inside of the fly connects around the poles in several places via snaps.

    Alternatively, if feeling particularly destructive, or creative, you could cut away the upper tent leaving ONLY the floor. Set up poles, attach fly. BAM!
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    webing+ cord
    id like some pictures if you dont mind
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    Pics for the PineApple...

    Here are two pictures of the Tiros 1 without and with the fly, as well as a view from the front.

    There are more here on our Picasa page:
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