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    Hammock Forums Event Calendar

    We are trying on this calendar to see how it works out.

    Welcome to the Hammock Forums calendar. We are working on keeping all Hammock Forum group hangs and Hammock Forums related dates in one location to help members keep track of where and when they are.

    The calendar is located on Google calendars. To be able to edit the calendar or add group hangs or other Hammock Forums related items you will need a Google account.

    Adding event to the calendar
    Please include the following when creating/adding things to the calendar.
    Title: ME > Maine hang (state abbreviation with ">" and the title of the hang)
    Dates: Dates of the hang (Please put a check mark in the "all day" box for hangs
    Calendar: Please make sure you chose "Hammock Forums hangs"
    Description: Please put the url to the thread topic in Hammock Forums
    Event Color: I would like to keep this the color "Yellow". This way we know all the event in yellow are hammock hang events.

    Note: When added and event to the calendar, please make sure in the in the creation mode for Calendar you chose "Hammock Forums hangs".

    Requesting access to the Hammock Forums Calendar.
    Send an email using the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page.
    From the options choose "Requesting access to Hammock Forums Calendar".
    Enter the following information:
    Please added me to the Hammock Forums Calendar
    Hammock Forums user name:
    Full real name:
    email address(gmail):

    Update: 1/16/2015
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