Ok - So I'm moving to Colorado Springs in December, and once I get the family settled (and give some time for more snow in the montains) I'll need to destressify with a winter hang. Who's interested? And where?

Who: Winter campers only...ground dwellers welcome
What: Hangout!
When: February or March, probably...we'll set the schedule once we see who's interested
Where: Somewhere in central Colorado. I like the Pike National Forest, Saylor Park area, just b/c I'm familiar with it. (Map here...it's more than the 13 minutes away that Google says it is.) Close to Woodland Park for the post-trip group lunch, not too difficult to get to, and a few interesting places to visit nearby (Chimney Rock, some lakes and beaver ponds, etc)
Why: Because it's winter!

So let's get a feel for how many people are interested and willing to make the drive. Then we'll nail down a location. After I move and get my new work schedule we'll solidify the date.