I wrote off to Shane to ask about getting a custom WWM hammock in 5' long and 52" wide for use as a gear sling, and a double ended stuff sack of the same material to hold it.

Got a chance to use it last weekend, and it was fantastic!

I've been using something similar as a chair/gear sling for a while, but have been trying to cut my pack weight, and my other one, while great in use, was also pretty heavy. This one weighs less than my hammock suspension.

...which actually got me to make up a new suspension for the gear sling. The way I see it, I'm carrying one full suspension which will hold me, either in my hammock or when using the sling as a chair, but I don't need two full suspensions at once, so I made a seperate suspension for the new gear sling as some 1.75mm UCRs, and 6 foot Amsteel dogbones with a speed hook spliced on instead of tree straps. Works like a charm for under an ounce per side.

Got some great weight reduction and still have a very comfy camp chair and utilitarian gear sling!

Thanks, Shane!

(No pics yet, but maybe I'll get some today if I'm lucky)