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    multicam UQ

    Well here it is...still going over suspension styles in my head before it is completely finished but it's almost camp ready.....40 in wide by 72 long...bottom layer is a poncho liner..then climashield 2.5 then 1.1 ripstop wrapped in gross grain binder... I will say that this was a bit much for just learning how to sew Friday ain't pretty but it functions well! Thanks for looking!
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    It looks awesome. Give some feedback on temps when you get a chance. Good job for day 1 of learning to sew!

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    Thanks!!! Yeah I'm anxious to get out in the cold and see what it will do. ..I did get a couple hour hang in 53 degree last night and it was really warm..... I'm betting I can break into the high 30s without a whole lot of layers....I maybe wrong but I was almost too hot at 53....not enough time to really test though. I'll keep yall posted.....with that being said what is the trick sewing climashield and 1.1 ripstop. I'm thinking that this diy wouldn't exist if everybody did it like I did... the extremely hard way haha!

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