So I buy something on the (tm) and you know buying things online can be tricky.

It shows up. Supremely dirty--but that's no concern. I can wash it. That's what basement sinks are for, after all. More a tribute to the seller's excellent ratio of trail miles to forum posts. But one of the parts is the wrong size, and another part is just missing.

I flinch. This will mean eating some postage to return it, not to mention the Paypal fee thing, what a headache.

But no! For yea verily and forsooth, Noble Blood Flows in the Veins of Ye Hammockers! The seller decided to buy the correctly sized part and have it shipped to me. Today the part arrived. I mated it up with the rest of the item and lo, it was good.

All Hail the Noble Hammocker, for our hearts are pure, our slacking is sophisticated, our cheesy posts of praise are in bad ye olde englishe.

Seriously. Cool. You know who you are.