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    Suspension variation

    So I got all of my bling in from Dutch last week (wow they are fast!) and now have my DIY hammocks set up with gathered ends with amsteel Continuous loops larks headed on to them. I made up a few sets of slings and am at a stall....

    So I used two different colors for my slings and continuous loops so that mine and my wife's hammocks would have a head and foot end. I did it this way because I am using double hooks on the head ends and regular hooks at the foot.

    For my slings I opted to thread the hooks onto the adjustable end to keep the loop from pulling through the bury without using a bead. Works great hooking up to atlas straps with biner connections from strap to adjustable loop to hook to continuous loop to hammock.

    I also purchased some strap webbing and will be making up a set of straps or huggers this weekend.

    What is everyone's opinion on connecting the straps to the slings. I did not use the fixed end at this connection because I camp around a ton of pines and wanted to be able to separate the straps from the slings no larks head knot here.

    Should I just make up some straps and try the marlin spike hitch/dutch buckle connection or just make a couple of tree huggers with loops at both ends and biner together...

    wanted to see what the verdict was between the two options and see what else I may be missing....

    Thanks for your time!

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    Maybe I'm a little slow but how do the pines relate to your desire to separate the whoopies from the straps?

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    Sorry I left that part out....Pine tree sap! I want to be able to keep the tree sap out of my slings as much as possible.

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    Dutch Whoopie Hook
    The standard way of using the Dutch Whoopie Hook suspension is to larkshead the whoopie onto the tree hugger (no MSH required):


    If the diameter of the tree is too large, I have a couple of continuous loops to extend the tree straps. I suppose that you could use a Dutch biner or other carabiner between the tree strap and whoopie sling to make the straps detachable.

    I hang from pine trees all the time, and yes, I get pine sap on my straps. However, it doesn't bother me in the least and I've never cleaned my straps even once. The tree sap seems to stay on the poly webbing and has never transferred to my whoopie slings or anywhere else, for that matter.

    Though I don't understand it, there seem to be a fair amount of people like you who have issues with pine sap, who have a burning desire to remove the pine sap from the straps, and want to segregate the tree straps from their other gear. Arrowhead even makes a special "sap sack" for people who share your concern.

    Maybe the Northeastern conifers where I live have particularly benign tree sap, or maybe I'm just a slob. Pine sap just doesn't register with me as anything to be concerned about!
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    There's no right or wrong way, but here is what I do.

    Small continuous loop larks headed to the hammock, attach the fixed eye of my whoopie using a Dutch whoopie hook (the hook is permanently threaded onto the fixed eye), then loop the adjustable end of the whoopie over a marlin spike in my tree strap.
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    Straps/Speed Hooks
    I use the Speed Hook, but, it's almost the same as a Whoopie Hook system.

    ADutchable Clip to connect the strap to the tree- You can use a Dutch Clip.
    Larkshead an Amsteel Lead to the strap- You can larkshead a Whoopie Sling here.
    Speed Hook on lead connects to Continuous Loop on hammock- The Whoopie Hook on loop of Whoopie Sling takes place of SH.

    You can remove the strap/sling from the CL on the hammock anytime you want to store them separately or just leave them on. No MSH unless...

    ...You can have the strap separately from the sling/Whoopie Hook or Lead/Speed Hook setup by instead of larkshead to strap loop, you use a MSH. This just removes the simplicity of each system and adds an extra step/piece of equipment. Using the MSH with these hook systems also adds another failure point or possibility of loosing your toggle for the system.

    Experiment with your different options and see what works for you. What you do today may differ from tomorrow and again, the next hang. It's all about the fun of trying new things.
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