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    what ULA pack is this?

    what ULA pack is this?

    Just bought 2 of these from a friend that used to backpack years ago....been in storage a couple years but only used these on 4 trip overnight trips with his wife before he gave up the hobby (hurt his knee bad). Can't figure out what model these are...I want to figure out weight limits...20150217_210537.jpg20150217_210610.jpg*****

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    Been looking at their wares for while now. Lacking more pics of it filled out, it may be a custom, or older model they no longer produce. Try contacting their customer service and emailing the pics. They should be able to give you a definitive answer. Hope this helps.

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    Thanks man. ....I was given some pics of a p 1 earlier today but the more I look the more difference I see. .. I'm going to take your advice and get better pics to send in.... thank you

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