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    4 Sale: Speer IIIA Hammock w Bug Net

    This holds up to 250 pounds and is made for someone up to 6'5" tall. $75.00.
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    Just hammock and bugnet or with tarp, straps, etc?

    Oh and what color?
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    Speer hammock

    Hi Hawk-Eye,

    The straps are attached to the hammock. I have a photo, but have not figured out how to upload a photo on this site. Speer describes the hammock color as brown, but it looks like more of a khaki color to me.

    I have been using an Equinox sil-nylon tarp, which I had not planned to sell.

    JJ Murphy
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    Speer Hammock Photo

    Hi Gargoyle,

    Let's see if I understood your instructions. I'm a bit of a cyber klutz, so if the one photo does not upload, I'll try again. Here' goes -
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    yep you did good
    I must be an excellent teacher,
    actually angrysparrow taught me, so give him the credit.
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    How much are you asking for the hammock?

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