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    That sounds like a great set up. I wish I would have started with a kit like that, I was too dumb to ask for advice before starting and I paid the price by buying things only to upgrade later...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pewdiddy View Post
    Hey guys, first off... THANK YOU SO MUCH for all of your input. Your experience and knowledge have taught me a lot. I can't wait to keep learning more and more about hammock camping and all that comes with it. So I wanted to update you all with my first set and I'm sure not my last. So I splurged on a few non-necessities to help me get going.

    Attachment 105657

    10ft. Woodcamo Dutch Nylon hammock.
    Suspension is the red (for head) and grey (for foot) amsteel attached to cinch buckles.
    Two 15ft tree straps both with a Dutch Clip.
    CRL- Dutch Hook and Dutch Wasp.
    Tarp tie-outs: (4) Dutch Tarpworms w/ ShockCord loops
    Two Dutch door clips
    Eight 9in Aluminumn YStakes (got them from a local scout store for $1 a piece)

    Hasn't arrived yet but in transit:
    Warbonnet Superfly
    180ft 1.75mm Lash-It.

    Gonna head out tomorrow and try it out. I feel like a 6yo trying to go to bed on Christmas Eve.
    Sounds like a great setup. Looking forward to how it goes and don't forget the pictures.

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