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    I like my hot cup of french press coffee in the morning!! Like someone else mentioned, it get's me going!!! Still, I'm always looking for other ideas rather than having to pack my french press!! Soooo, my last trip I tried something called "On the Go" by GF International. It's instant coffee and each pkg makes about a 6oz cup. Wasn't bad!! And really fast, just boiled water with my pepsi can stove & pot, poured water into my coffee cup and used the rest for my oatmeal. This coffee is like a dessert though, if you want your coffee black, this is not the one to use.

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    i agree with you, if the mountain men did it with moccasins then i think we could do it with the nice hiking boots we have today haha.

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    Old School vs New School

    Quote Originally Posted by Perkolady View Post

    I think one important thing to consider is how hard we are on our gear. While some can get along just fine with a 'delicate' pack for example, many people do better with more durable gear that weighs accordingly.

    Either way, we each have to carry our own loads, and what ultimately matters is that we have what we need and want to enjoy our trip.
    I tend to agree with Perkolady; IMHO it is really all about what you need and want to enjoy your trip.

    Like some others on this forum, I have been backpacking for over 45 years. During that time I have always tried to keep my pack as light as possible while maintaining the rugged dependability that I like to have in my gear. Even though I grew up in the old school, I really like the new gear. Much of it is very dependable as well as being light weight. Part of the fun of backpacking for me is trying to fine tune my gear from trip to trip. Regarding the personal gear choices that are so often discussed on the HF, whether it is packing an ax, over sized knife, pistol, coffee press, an i pod, or a good pillow; I believe that "if you are capable of carrying it, and it works for you, go ahead and pack it".

    FWIW, I also think that any progress that a person can make to improve their overall weight and personal fitness can have tremendous benefits on the trail. That taken in combination with some lightweight gear choices could help keep some of us old timers backpacking a few years longer than might otherwise have been possible.

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    My Grandpa climbed Mountains in corduroys with a wood and steel pick/axe, using natural fiber ropes, thick wool sweaters, and canvas tents with his old army stove/canteens and matches. (Probably not too spectacular to anyone here, but when I was 18 I could not believe it....frankly I am still amazed)

    He laughed at me and thought all my "fancy" gear was ridiculous. He did end up changing his mind about some things after we did a hike or two. "With all that stuff someone really could get themselves somewhere they aren't prepared to handle"

    If he was still in the hiking mood these days he'd be blown away all the tricks and skills we can learn and share with each-other without bumping into eachother on the trail. I think that was really the only way he got to learn new tricks.

    I know he'd think simple things you cannot buy like: good people, ability to tie 100 knots (and know when to use which), sew by hand, start a fire with the bare essentials, first aid, and the ability to know when to stop, setup, camp and call it day were the most important thing you could ever bring with you.

    "Be able to use the bare essentials, but take the fancier stuff as you can to focus on enjoying it more. If you rely on the stuff too much maybe you have different priorities than you should."

    A good balance is key, and to each their own. I'd rather rely on myself than my gear, but we all know it shouldn't be 100% one way or the other. Experience tells the story better, and I imagine I'll spend the rest of my life getting my story down

    EDIT: sorry didn't realize how old this thread was...
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    I for one am glad you pulled this forward. I had not read it...found it very interesting.

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    I have enjoyed reading it also. Brings many ideas to mind.
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