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    Yukon Outfitters Tarp - quick mod

    Posted this on the tail end of another thread but thought it might be better in the DIY section. Woot just had the YO walk about tarp on sale again. Quick mod to get a little piece of mind and a bit more convenience.

    Good luck, Brian

    Quick mod for the tarp if any of you pick one up. Takes about 10-15 min.

    I think most agree that grommets on a tarp are a bad idea. For $20 this is a good tarp, but those grommets are likely to fail exactly when you need them not to.

    Disregard the shock cord, that's for another idea.

    Quick and strong. Running the grosgrain like that is similar to an equalizing anchor used in rock climbing. Hopefully will hold up to any surprise weather that may happen.

    Good luck. Brian

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    What size GG did you use... 1/2?

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