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    Older Northface Down bag. What to do?

    Stopped at an Estate sale today and came across an older Northface sleeping bag. Wasn't priced and when I asked the lady she ask if $7.00 sounded good. Oh yeah! Never sat it back down. Per the tag it is stamped with "Chrysalis", 77" x 31", net wt. of fill material 17 oz., all new material consisting of Grey Goose Down.

    Now what to do? I have a set of WL summer series with 3/4 UQ which under most conditions here in Florida is adequate. On a couple of Florida Hangs we have gotten down to the mid 20F but not often enough to need a 20 UQ or TQ.

    Just checked the WL site and their shells are 20 and for those rare occasions might be nice. But may only be used a few nights a season.

    Make a set of lighter UQ and TQ to supplement the summer series for when needed. Not sure how well stacked UQs and TQs work.

    Check with Marty about a set of summer series shells? Not on the site but Marty is great to work with.

    Any opinions or suggestions on my options?
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