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Thread: Butt in a sling

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    Butt in a sling

    I have to say, great place to do business. I talked to Shane last Thursday, got some questions answered, places an order and it arrived today. Way faster turn around than I went into things expecting.

    Now I just gotta find time to get it hung up and get my butt in it.

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    My very first Hammock Forums post; so, forgive me if I'm doing it all wrong.

    Last Saturday I sent an email to BIAS via a link on their website ([email protected]) but since I haven't heard anything and I'm a little anxious about getting stuff purchased in time, I'm posting it here.

    I'm 6-1 and 250 lbs. I've had my first hammock for about a year. It's a Grand Trunk Double which, after continued reading and experimenting, I've decided is too short and too wide. The sides flap in my face and I haven't found a good, flat diagonal yet (but I'm getting closer).

    I'm thinking about a 2-layer weight weenie micro, 60" wide for backpacking. I'm wanting to go as smart and light as I can because I'm turning 60 in month and I want to minimize pack weight. It probably doesn't matter but I've also got a Jacks-R-Better Greylock 3 under quilt.

    What do you think?

    If I ordered it within a week, would I get it by the last week of June? We're leaving June 28 to go camping in Tuolumne in Yosemite.

    Many thanks,


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    mftrekker - I am farther behind than I like, but it depends on what you will be needing. Brian hasn't been with BIAS in quit a while. Technically he still owns the site since there hasn't been a good time for us to get together and call tech support at the same time. Feel free to shoot me an email or call 901-568-2314 / [email protected] Leave me a message and I will call back.(I have a day job)

    It'll be alright Friday!

    Check us out at

    [email protected]

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