A friend and I just got back from a hike on the OHT starting at White Rock Mountain. Due to very heavy rains and numerous creek crossings we decided discretion was wiser than the valor of continuing. Had to wade thigh deep water on a jeep trail to get back to a safe place but suppose it can be chalked up to adventure rather than a plan completed. We now know that the maintenance on the OHT is only twice a year and that by May the foliage is nearly covering the trail tread completely. Not bushwhacking, but not as clear as the AT.
After tent camping during a 12" rain I am now serious about hammocks. All of you are probably getting a good belly laugh since you are already free from the shortcomings of ground dwellings.
Hope to start a DIY bridge hammock next week. Had back surgery in '83 and must sleep on my side, so gathered end is not likely my best option.
Thanks to you all in advance for all the great info I have already seen on the site.