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    silpoly vs silnylon? pros and cons of each?

    any body interested to discuss the virtues positive and negative of silnylon and silpoly?

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    This is rather out of date at this point. Silpoly second gen is a different product the. Is discussed in this link, and fixed the seam seal issue of the first generation. Second gen also has a greater hydrostatic head the first gen.

    From my backyard tests I am very happy with my silpoly tarp so far. Taking it out on the trail for a four day trip next week, and don't anticipate issues.

    Pros of silpoly:
    It's as light as silnylon.
    It doesn't stretch when wet.
    Easier to work with.
    Increased UV resistance.
    Waterproofness is about the same.
    Still stretches on the bias a lot, so that it has give in windy conditions.
    Polyester is more abrasion resistant, but prolly negligible considering fabric wieght.

    Cons of silpoly:
    Nylon is typically stronger, but considering fabric weight this is probably negligible.
    Long term durability still needs to be confirmed.

    I don't see any reason to use silnylon anymore, unless a long term issue comes up with the silpoly.

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