Hey everybody! I've been following this site since last Sunday. A buddy and I were walking through Dicks sporting goods(which I typically despise) and ran across the ENO doublenest. I thought it was cool as heck... I'm not really a camper, or hiker or any of that, but I liked how tiny it could be stored I could just throw it in my go bag and go.... i did 3 days of reading and bought it last night. Actually, 3... one for my roomate, one for me, and one for my fiancé. We hung them from studs, moved the beds to the spare rooms and everybody settled in for the night. We all slept great. Only problem I had was I woke up with shoulder pain... so today when I got home, I rigged up a structural Ridgeline and i get much more comfy now... i can't wait to go to bed tonight. I intend to be a nightly hanger. As does my fiancé... my roomie is still on the fence. Haha but anyways, this forum has been and I'm sure will continue to be really helpful. Once we get the hang of it, may upgrade to a Brazilian... maybe a Tommy Hamaca... who knows. But I'll keep the one for travel and road trips on my Harley and such either way. Anyways... that was a long story, but that's how I came to be here. Thanks for all the help y'all didn't even know you already gave me. Hang loose!