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    Emergency Blanket

    Okay, I don't have the extra $30-115 to spend on a pad. All I could find for now was a cheap ccf pad from Wally.

    It will be in the low 40s this weekend. How good will a $5 emergency blanket work tonight with my 20 degree mummy?

    I have a hennesy expedition.


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    Do you mean use the emergency blanket with a Wally blue pad, or just the emergency blanket? If just the emergency blanket, I don't think it is enough. A couple of blue pads would easily take care of you down to the temps you are expecting...per the recommendation by GrizzlyAdams in another thread you posted. Hope this helps. Good luck.
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    The blue pad should be fine, a length of fabric over the pad will make it feel less sweaty than just lying on the pad. I wouldn't put the emergency blanket into use unless you feel cold with just the pad.

    I think it also depends on which blue pad - there are the thin foamy ones and the eggcrate ones that are stiffer. I was good to about 35F before getting a cold butt with the eggcrate blue ccf.

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    egg crate pad

    With a thin 1/4" thick piece of quilt batting attached to a piece of mummy shape cut egg-crate , using spray contact adhesive, (facing up) I have been plenty warm into the mid teens. It probably would go lower.

    The piece is cut to fit in my bag, the warmest and best option. Placed in the bag, the pad keeps the bag spread out, and gettin in is very easy. It can also go in the SS under cover, with a space blanket on top of the pad. I just don't use this setup unless it is going to be down to the 20's, or lower, because of the size of the rolled pad. It's a lot of warmth, for little weight.

    Two space blankets taped together around the edges have lasted for several years, and, take up almost no volume. I wouldn't go out without this item, it has been useful for unexpected conditions many times.
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