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Thread: diy silk sheet

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    diy silk sheet

    My friend's wife works at JoAnn's fabric, and I told her to get me the silk to sew a simple sleeping bad inner sleeve.
    She just emailed: "The real,silk we have is fairly thick and is $24.99" I think she means a yard.
    This can't be what people are using, right? Are they using a silk blend? I thought the real silk had a higher rating for heat retention.
    Let me know what would be best, so I can start working on it this weekend.
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    Joann really isn't the best place to go for specialty fabric's.

    "Silk" is just a material like "Nylon" or "Polyester". It comes in different weaves, and weights, just like those other materials.

    I'm not 100% sure what's used normally, but I think silk habotai is fairly popular, and comes in a variety of weights.

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    Silk and poly blends

    Thanks, I understand what you are saying, about the blends, but the higher silk content liners seem to win for comfort, warmth, and packability. I have a fleece liner that is just way too bulky. Sea to Shore makes all types. I would like to sew one that has a pillow insert for my small pillow, and that was more open to the exit side, for ease of entry and exit.

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