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    Need help with an underquilt

    Can you guys give me a recommendation for climasheild XP for an underquilt ??

    I just picked up 14 yards of 1oz ripstop from walmart for $1.50 per so I am good to go with fabric.

    First off how wide and how long ?? I am guessing the width per hammock width ??
    I am 6-3 - 235#.

    I want a total rating of maybe 10-15dF. I will be packing a full length 3/8" blue pad. Not the walmart special, but one from bass pro shops. It is more dense foam.

    Climasheild XP 2.5oz = .6", 3.7oz = .9", 5oz = 1.2"

    The typical thinking as far as top quilts is that
    2.5 is good to 45df, 3.7 good to 35dF, 5 good to 25dF according to Tim Marshall at BPL.

    I plan to use the blue pad and quilt in combination for colder weather.

    Thanks in advance.

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    If you do a little digging you will find that there are instructions on how to make a DIY KickAssQuilt. Which is essentially what you are doing with the Climashield XP insulation that you have.

    Size and shape are entirely up to you. Some commercial made UQ's are full length, some are 2/3 length. Most of the Jacks R Better quilts are 48" wide and 76-78" unless you want an extra long version.

    What style of hammock do you have? That will dictate the shape needed for the underquilt.

    Have fun


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    where else can you purchase ripstop?
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