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    Customer service

    Hi everyone! First post here! Yea!
    Okay, so when a company does me right I always thought that it was important to do right by them if I can, either by buying more from them or giving them the best word of mouth the digital age can offer, Internet forums!
    A couple of weeks ago I was unpacking my hammock and the carabiner caught on the mosquito netting and tore a 2" hole (most probably user error). With black fly season coming up in NH I was pretty bummed (MSGT here I come!). So I went through their 'contact us' section of their website and asked if maybe this was a warranty issue or, if not, any tips on repairing the net. Mind you, this hammock was a gift of nearly 3 years ago and I had no idea where it was purchased. Lori (of Grand Trunk ) emailed me the next day and asked me to fill out a return slip. A picture and a small explanation and all of 2 minutes later it was done. That day I receive an email asking for my last name, and that they'd be shipping a replacement. 3 days after that Lori emails me the tracking #, 2 days after that a new hammock is waiting for me after work. No receipt, no hassle, no jumping through hoops, I didn't even have to ship back the lightly damaged hammock!!

    So this is my review of Grand Trunk customer is AWESOME. There, that's it.
    Needless to say, I'll be a GT customer again.

    Nice to meet you all

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    I have a very different experience from Grand Trunk. I've tried to contact them using email and their site's contact form, but haven't yet heard back from anyone. I think this was at least 3 weeks ago and now I don't really care anymore.

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    Well that sucks, sorry to hear that... I guess if you decide to care again try

    Hope it works out as well as it did for me!

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    I had a good experience with those guys too. I had a 3 year old GT Skeeter Beeter UL and it started to develop pinholes and they sent me another one for free. I never expected that to happen. I just wanted to see what they recommended to fill the pinholes and they gave me questions asked, really. They actually gave me the newer skeeter beeter pro, and my daughter still uses the old SBUL.
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