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    Is hammock/tarp camping allowed in Baxter State Park?

    Going to be in BSP in July and wanted to find out if hammocking is allowed. It doesn't say anywhere in their rules that it is prohibited other than saying a tent must be within the tent site and you have to camp in the designated camping areas.

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    You usually need reservations to camp in BSP so what part are you staying in? I have not hiked to the remote camp sites. I have stayed at Roaring Brook and there was a cabin, lean to's and tents sites. I have also stayed at Chimney Pond and they had a cabin and lean to's as well. Did not see any hammocks but did not notice any signs saying no hammocks either. There are pretty strict in the park with their rules trying to maintain the wilderness. From what I have read on White Blaze the answer would be no. You might call 207-723-5140 8am-4pm 7 days a week. Enjoy your stay in BPS

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