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    ULA CDT with no pad for a frame?

    I am debating packs. One pack I am considering is a CDT.

    I am a teacher and my camping window is pretty much summer time. As such, my base weight is pretty light ~9 lbs including a 2.5 lb walmart special pack. I do, however, drink and carry more water than most (usually head out with 3 litres). Most of my trips are 2-4 days at a time.

    I meet the weight recs for the CDT. However, being a hammock camper, I do not carry a pad to create a pack frame. Do any of y'all nice folks use a CDT with just the included pad and no other structure? If so, how does it work?

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    That is the pack that I use. I do have a thin pad that I line the pack with from GG because I use a 3/4 UQ down to the mid 30's but I have also used it without the pad as well. For me it does feel better with the pad when carrying more than 4 days of food. My base weight is close to yours and the pack carries it well. Sometimes I wish that the pack was a little bigger during the winter months and carrying colder temp quilts.

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