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    Scaleman's First Try Homeade Hammock

    Well don't have bug net on yet and still have more mods . The guys told me my ridge line needs to be amsteel so im going to change it,got some ordered.
    Got zipper ordered bug net will come all the way off , and will make cold weather cover to zip on . will double layer bottom to accept bubble insulation . Have rain fly bult out of sinylon 1.1 90 X 180 .
    Going to order some more bling from Dutchware ,Also i'm going to copy HH snake skins think that is a good idea.
    Will post More pic's later .
    Looking forwards to talking to everone.



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    That's a really nice "First Try".. Congratulations! Amsteel is overkill for the ridge line. Most use Zing-it or Lash-it. It's purpose is to set the sag in the hammock (83% of the hammock length ) and to insure you do that each time you string it up. Amsteel for the suspension... Once again, great job and welcome to our addiction
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