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    Wheelchair Hanger's Experience

    I have a new friend, who loves to be outdoors. She is newly confined to using a wheelchair, I call it her chariot.
    She loves to go camping and has had to resort to using a tiny travel trailer. She has found a few places where she is able to fish from and enjoy the beauty of our countryside.

    I have a couple of Hennessy hammocks with the original opening the Safari, which is meant for large people. What I would like is to hear from people with mobility issues and how they manage their Hangs. I would like to forward these experiences to my friend, so she will have real life experience from people in her peers.

    Thank you for reading this post and I hope some of the members with mobility issues or their friends will contact me (us).

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    I have some mobility issues although I am ambulatory. I love my Hennessy bottom entry. In fact it is the only hammock I can get out of. That said... If I did not have use of my legs at all I would find it difficult to open the slit. Does she go all by her lonesome or is she accompanied? Please note I did not make an assumption either way but it makes a difference how things might be managed and what adaptive contrivances she might find useful.

    I guess I would encourage a visit to a group hang so she could try a variety of setups and see which suit her mobility issues best.
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    You will probably get a better answer from some that has actually had to do it, but your question did make me think of a friend I had in a wheelchair. The had a rope with a handle that they could use to help lift their self in and out of bed. It made me wonder if something could be attached to the ridge line to help serve the same purpose to enter and exit. On the other hand it might be a terrible idea. With how the hammock freely moves it may not work.

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    ditto the rev. If she can stand up using the hammock with her feet out the slit then a bottom entry would be her best choice. She has support until she lets go so she can stand then sit into her chair. If she can stand and turn the chair can be left at the end of the hammock in place. If she cannot stand on her own a side entry would be easier to get her out of.


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    I was thinking of the ridge line, too, as a grab.

    She'd need to be able to hold it with one hand/arm and control the hammock with the other as she swings into the hammock. Tough but doable.

    From a wheelchair her hang angle would be shallow, owing to the fact that she cannot reach up very far.

    So, she'd need 1/8" Amsteel or mule tape throughout.

    I've got plenty of both and, along with a tablecloth body am willing to make her a set up (sans tarp and quilts) if she is serious about trying it.

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    Hammocks do take a bit of coordination to get in and out of. I would be worried about falling in that process if this person has weak bone (thinking hips) issues.
    I know you just said wheelchair and did not mention age.
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