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    First of all, it did happen eventhough I didn't take

    That being said... I used my Singlenest with Ember on a trip a few weeks ago. Weather was very windy, maybe 20+ mph gusts and the only set of trees I could find put the wend coming into the end of my tarp. I was using redmarbleshoe's Winter Dream tarp and was able to get it pitched so I could seal the door ends. The wind was still coming in though. Temps hit a low of 34 degrees that night. I was in a Montbell Spiral Down Hugger #2 (rated to 25 degrees) and Ember. I supplemented the Ember with a 20" wide by 72" by 1/4" ccf pad between the Ember and Singlenest and also lined the Ember with a space blanket. I also tossed in my puffy jacket and gloves into the "void" which I think helped out I think. I was toasty warm. I had no condensation at all in the Ember.
    My Ember actually weighed in at 3 oz. less than ENO listed. Red and I are planning on going out again this weekend, so I might just have to do some more gear testing with the Ember on this trip. (and remember to get pics)
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    Too heavy and a site that doesn't include basic info about it scares me. Rather buy from one of our local cottage artisans.

    There, I said it, artisans. Live with it. You now all have to wear berets to sell to us!

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