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    MYOG pad extender

    MYOG pad extender


    This is a simple one. I wanted one simpler and lighter than the speer version with not so many indiviual pieces of foam. I have about 14 yds of this 1oz ripstop I got from walmart. Its super thin though.

    At any rate whipped up this pad extended to use over a neoair.
    Reason being is in case I get stuck on the ground I can be somewhat comfortable.

    The top part is a sewn tube made out of a 49" x 46" piece of nylon, hemmed. The finished length is 48" to match a neoair short.

    There is a flat sheet on the bottom that is 20" x 48" finished, sewn to the tube only on the 20" side and down the middle in the short direction to hold the wing pads in place.

    I might add some vecro dots to hold the blue pad a bit better. They can be shifted around.

    Shown is with a full length neoair.

    As shown the entire rigs weighs a total of 23.5 oz
    Nylon extender 2.5 oz
    Neoair reg 14 oz
    (2) 20 x 44" blue pads (12" out ea side) 7 oz

    With a small neoair it would weigh 18.5 oz

    These blue foam pads are from bass pro shops, 3/8" and fairly dense and weigh roughly 5 oz for a full length pad. With just blue foam, one full length and the 2 cross pieces it would weigh 14.5 oz.

    I will probably make a cold version set of wings with a double layer of foam on the outside 12". That would add another 3.5 oz.

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    I can't get the pic to come up, keep getting "page not found"
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    See if this works

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    Nice! Thanks for the pics and info. I have yet to make one, but it's on my list. Why did you leave a gap between top wings and bottom wings?
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    I am tall and thought that might be better for my shoulders and knees.

    Its sewn with just a line right in the middle of the 48" length.

    24" for the top pocket, 24" for the bottom, so the pads can be shifted together.

    I wont know the best way to set it up until I finish my asym hammock and try it out in cold weather.

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