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    Question Hennessey Versus Clark

    Hello all, I am in the market to for a 4 season hammock solution and I am down to Hennessy vs Clark. $$$ are around $350.00. Can anyone give me any insite and reasoning on the better of the 2 systems?

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    Clarks are the more 'complete' system with the inclusion of the weathershield and the 'theoretical' insulation options of the built in pockets.

    Hennessys are going to be more comfortable to those who prefer to sleep on the diagonal.

    That's a difficult choice. Both systems have pluses and minuses that would make it difficult to choose. I'd probably go with a Clark because of two reasons:
    1. The weathershield. If you plan to be camping in the cold, this is a great thing to have.
    2. Craftsmanship. Clarks have really impressed me with the way they are put together. I think a Clark would outlast a HH over the same period of time and use.

    Again, JMO.
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    I like the top entry of the Clark.

    NOTE: I have not used a HH. Both have a cheering crowd saying they are the best.

    .S. I also like the "no misquito" function of the Clark

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    I own a Hennessey and have slept in Clarks, the original.

    Clark: I prefer top loading, especially for winter (I modified my Hennesey to be top loading), attached weathershield (not detachable from what I saw), No seeum and weathershield stow away nicely, seemed roomier (head room), but more flappy, nice insulation/stash pockets.

    Hennessey: more comfortable lying down, built like a tank.

    I am going to diverge and say my Hennessey was better built than the Clark I used, but this was several years ago; Hennessey may have gotten worse, or Clark better, in that time.

    For a complete system it would be hard to beat the NX 150/250 with the Z Liner, and I really like my Hennessey Exped!

    For that cold part of the year the Clark would win in my book, but during the mild times you will be carrying the weathershield and those huge pockets when you don't really need them, unlike a Hennessey.

    I guess what I am trying to say is...I dunno!
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    So Hennessy for warmer weather then?

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    Quote Originally Posted by swinglow View Post
    So Hennessy for warmer weather then?
    No!! I've got the Clark Tropical for warmer weather I just have to use more under-insulation than the NA Clark during the winter.

    I would think the main thing you need to consider is if you like bottom loading or top loading.


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    You can totally take the "top-loading vs bottom-loading" argument out of the equation with a 2QZQ zipper mod for the Hennessy.

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