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    ME > AT hike September 2015 from Grafton Notch SP northward

    I plan to do an Appalachian Trail section hike from Grafton Notch, Maine, hiking north for about 10 days, staying on the trail and in towns along the way, possibly with a zero day somewhere. One or two tent hikers signed up to accompany me from Tennessee and Ohio. Anyone else interested in joining me/us for the hike or any portion of it, or meeting in town for dinner somewhere, or other?

    My plan is to fly to Boston on Tuesday, September 1st, stay over-night with my daughter "Grass" in Boston, take the bus to Gorham, NH on the 2nd, stay at the White Mountains Lodge & Hostel that night, and get shuttled to Grafton Notch on Wednesday the 3rd after breakfast.

    Based on my last two section hikes up there, I expect to hike about 6 miles a day. Not interested in a death march, and that portion of the AT can be a death march if you're not careful. I'll finish hiking about the 13th in order to return to Boston and fly home on the 15th.

    Also, any advice, recommendations, or concerns to share about the trail, shelters, water, weather, pests, detours, hostels, towns, etc? I always appreciate local advice, even after researching online and in the guides. I wasn't able to hike up there last year, but the prior two Augusts, I hiked from Hanover to Grafton Notch on a similar schedule.

    Thanks in advance!

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    If you make it to Stratton, Maine [next full access beyond Rangeley] Fotter's Market has GREAT sandwiches and outtasight muffins... 5-stars

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