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    Suspension for heavier people

    I have a Hennessy and love it. But I am looking to go to a lighter set up. I am 6'4" and 275lbs. I would like to go with a gathered end hammock with whoppi slings. Are Amsteel whoppi sling able to support me? What length of hammock and material weight?

    Any advice would be appreciated.

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    7/64 Amsteel whoopies would be just fine for you. We have done tests on our and recommend staying below 600 pounds.

    Hammock wise at your weight a double layer 1.1 would hold you but you would feel a little stretch. 1.7/1.9 ounce fabric would probably feel better in a single or double layer.
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    Go with 1/8" Amsteel with a 2,300-lb min breaking strength. You can save a few grams by going to 7/64" Amsteel with a 1,400-lb min breaking strength; but for my money and peace of mind saving a few grams does not trump the extra 900-lb safety margin provided by the 1/8" Amsteel.

    A general rule of thumb is a 5:1 Safety Ratio, your weight times five (5) should be the minimum safety margin. I think that most would agree with these general statements.

    So, 275 x 5 = 1,375-lbs minimum breaking strength. Factor in buries, larks heads, shackles, etc... and that extra 900-lbs overkill begins to shrink rapidly.

    Get an 11-foot hammock as wide as you can stand.

    My fabric of choice is Polyester @ 2.6 ounces per square yard: 24 ounces for my hammock, you will hear of lots of lighter option as others post up. I will say a negative is that Polyester will tear far more easily that other slightly stretchier material.

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    Try the new HyperDXL 1.6- 72 inch wide. light and will hold you just fine. Im 5'11 275lbs

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