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    Simply Light Design Trail Lair

    After searching for more than a year for my “custom ultimate hammock” I decided on the Simply Light Designs Trail Lair. Already owning the SLD Simplicity Aysm Hammock Tarp, I knew it would have the quality I wanted. After a few emails discussing the options I wanted I finally pulled the trigger on a completely tricked out version. It is eleven foot, grey, double layer, 1.6 oz ripstop nylon with dual zippers and retractable bug net. I went with removable Amsteel continuous loops in the channel ends and an Amsteel fixed ridgeline. Other add-ons include a zippered shoulder pocket and four tie outs at knees and shoulders. The Trail Lair comes standard with a double ended Silnylon stuff sack.
    The first thing I have say is Jared is amazing. I ordered the Trail Lair on a Thursday and received it in Florida on the following Wednesday. That is what customer service is all about! Unfortunately, it took a couple months before I was able to hang it, due to my work, but it was everything I expected.
    My first hang was a seven nighter in Indiana. As it happens, it rained constantly. Humidity was off the scale and the mosquitoes were relentless. Other than those few issues it was a good time with nightly temps in the low 60’s.
    My set up was pretty standard. For the first time I used Dutchware Cinch Buckle suspension with 15 foot straps and Sew-on Dutch Clips. I now see why cinch buckles are so popular. In between the double layers I put a generic self-inflating sleeping pad rather than using my underquilt. On top I used a SnugPak Jungle Blanket with snaps a draw cord added to form a footbox. This sleeping setup was perfect for all but one of the nights; another victim of CBS.
    The Trail Lair is everything I wanted and more. It is a big and roomy hammock with Double Rolled & sewn hem edges and sewn end channels. The stitching clean, neat and durable. The open double layer allows for easy pad placement. The dual #3 YKK zippers are heavy duty and allow for access from either side. The 12”x8” No-See-Um zippered shoulder pocket is conveniently located for storage.
    The .9 oz No-See-Um Netting is durable and offers great visibility. The bug net fully retracts and fits in the included mesh bag. There is a clip at the head end to store it, when retracted. It is also convenient for hanging the Simply Light Design Zip-it Peak Bag.
    The Trail Lair packs nicely in the double ended Silnylon stuff sack with ample room for the Zip-It Peak Bag and ridgeline organizer.
    Overall, the Trail Lair is everything I was looking for. With the great quality craftsmanship and customer service that I have come to know, Simply Light Designs has truly created my “Ultimate Hammock.

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    Nice review! Love his work too
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    Thanks for the nice writeup on Jared's work. My 10 foot Trail Lair is my go to hammock for bug season, plus I've got 3 of his tarps, a Streamliner hammock, plus a bunch of his other gear. How's the asym tarp working out for you? I've had mine in light rain pitched low, but haven't braved a heavy downpour in it yet.
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    Jared's work is top notch;just got another Trail Lair in the mail last week;thanks to rand727 great and well deserving review.

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