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    Going from Garda hitch setup to Whoopie slings. What do I need to keep (Hennessey)

    This may seem like a stupid question but I tend to overthink everything anyway so here goes...

    I have a stock Hennessey hammock (stock as in just the main suspension) that I hang with Eno Atlas tree straps, a carabiner, two rap rings and a Guarda hitch. Pretty much copied this guy back in the day when I first got the hammock. Only difference is I use the Eno's for the larger trees in my area.

    Anyway, I'd like to shed some weight and bulk and replace the stock suspension with Whoopie slings of either Amsteel or Dynaglide. This would eliminate the need for the rap rings but I would still want to keep the carabiner and Eno straps right?
    Straps around the tree, carabiner through whichever loops in the straps, then adjustable loop of the whoopee sling through the carabiner?

    Do I have this sorted out properly or is there a different method you would use given the parts I have?
    I want to avoid having to learn knots, carry spikes/toggles/whatever. K-I-S-S style.

    Will there be issues with just clipping the open loop through the carabiner or do I need to form a larkshead and slip it on that way...?

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    If your wanting to switch but not use any hitch or knot then the only thing to eliminate would be the rings and the stock rope off the hammock. Remove the stock rope and replace them with the slings, carabiner to the straps....either the eno ones or a regular pair....the Eno straps are very heavy and bulky compared to other just need a pair with loops on both ends of the strap that the carabiner from the slings to the straps.
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    Since I wrote this - I've figured out a new way to hang my stuff, and I've converted everything but my hennessy over to what I call the "inverted whoopie suspension". You can use whoopies, weaving the fixed eye through the hammock ends, and the using a toggle on the adjustable side of the whoopie. I found the ridge line was screwed up a little, and changed over to an adjustable ridge line. The inch or two change from where the line sat with the stock ropes Vs. the whoopies made the skeeter net all droopy.

    Here's what I plan to do next: On each end, use an amsteel continuous loop. Thread the loop through the hammock end and then onto itself, like a lark's head. Make sure the ridge line is on this knot. That's it. All my other stuff uses my inverted whoopie sling suspension already, so everything mixes and matches.

    Attach the fixed end of the whoopie to one end of the tree strap, either by feeding the tree strap through it and itself, or by making the whoopie with the strap on it, permanently. On the adjustable side of the whoopie, buy or make it with a dutch whoopie hook already on the sling.

    Put the strap around the tree. grab the loose part of the whoopie, and feed it through the open loop. That's it. Adjust the whoopie as necessary, and clip the dutch hook onto the free part of the continuous loop. If your tree is too small, loop the strap around several times.
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    I hope that you have the older HH, at some point they updated how they attach their suspension making it hard to replace.

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