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...Stubby's post from 2016 pasted below is an idea but I would like to avoid slack if it's going to get in the way when sitting in the hammock. It appears that the ridgeline may be adjustable to minimize the problem mentioned? I need to rig up the hammock today to find out.
I tried an adjustable 1.1 mm Reflex (reflective; won't garrote myself in the dark) UHMWPE non-structural ridgeline and think it's going to meet 90% of my objectives. It's adjusted so it is slightly loose until I lie down. It touches my head when sitting down but not terribly annoying. Note in the 2nd pic that I marked the interior pockets to make them more visible and they do seem to be big enough to stash my phone. I also marked where the exterior pockets are that are covered by the quilt, for easy reference when sitting in the hammock, stowing or donning clothes.