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    2 Hammocks, 1 Tarp - first trip report

    My six year old daughter and I went out for a test hang Friday night. We recently purchased two Hennessy hammocks and the extra large rainfly came along as part of the package. Perfect, I thought. Two hammocks under one fly. I'll be close in case she freaks out.

    Well, it seemed like a good idea and it does work, but not perfectly. I had to hang the fly and her hammock about as high as I could reach. My hammock was a bit low so that she didn't bump into my ridgeline when she got in. I got in and was a bit closer to the ground and plants than I would have wanted. Also, my hammock body stuck out below the edge of the tarp. Blowing rain would have been a problem.

    She didn't freak out but she did complain about the thermarest pad I had stuck into her sleeping bag to keep her warm. "It's itchy!" Out it came. I put it under the bag and then she complained. "I'm tipped!" As I had discovered when we set up the hammocks inside and slept in our basement, the pad squirted all over the place. I took it out and she slept until 9 the next morning. Snug as a bug and not cold. It was a mild night. Good thing too because Saturday night it dropped to 39 F. I had set up our tent as a bail out plan just in case and if we had been camping last night, we could have gone back to the ground where the pads work better.

    I ordered a super shelter. I thought about making my own but time is limited and skills are lacking. I may attempt to make the second one though once I get a feel for how it works.
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