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    First Hang

    Hey all,

    I just joined this forum a couple of weeks ago while preparing for my first overnight "hang", which finally happened last Thursday.

    It was a very short outing, in lieu of a bachelor party, the night before a friend's wedding. He just moved to Lake City, CO, so a bunch of the guys that came into town went up the Alpine Loop, just under Engineer's Pass for a night while the wives went barhopping in town. My wife and I have been going up to camp on the loop every summer for the last 7 years or so, and were just out there for a week at the end of July, so we are familiar with the area. That said, we drag a utility trailer up, and a ton of gear, so this was a chance for me to go back to some much simpler camping.

    From our July trip:

    I purchased the ENO Doublenest One Link set, and after a good deal of reading here, also added the Whoopie sling structural ridgeline at 83% of the hammock length. It got chilly, down to 38*, but thanks to the great information from here and other sources, I stayed nice and warm, and had a pretty good night's sleep. I do think I want to try a little deeper sag next time, but overall was very happy and did not miss my huge tent and hundreds of pounds of gear. I look forward to some longer trips and this may be a foray into backpacking, which is something else I would like to try.

    Here are some quick pics of the "morning after"..

    Excuse the gnarly beard.. I slept with a balaclava, which always results in this..

    Sun just about to "rise" over the mountains

    The rest of the guys were in ground tents (8 of us total):

    This was the first time I have been ther eafter the end of July, and the fall colors were pretty awesome..

    I look forward to learning more and interacting with you guys more in the future.

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    Howdy from Rockwall, looks like a great trip. Hammock is definetly the way to go. Happy hanging.

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    Looks like a lot of fun and a great trip. Thanks for sharing.
    Straight out of Clayton.

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    Welcome, from Florida.

    That's a great way to introduce yourself. Well done.

    How did you sleep and compared to your friends? Also, thanks for the cool out-of-box bachelor party info. Much better than the norm, IMHO.
    Enjoy and have fun with your family, before they have fun without you

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    Quote Originally Posted by Floridahanger View Post
    Welcome, from Florida.

    That's a great way to introduce yourself. Well done.

    How did you sleep and compared to your friends? Also, thanks for the cool out-of-box bachelor party info. Much better than the norm, IMHO.
    Hard to say, but it was comparable, at least, to my normal camping up there. In past, if in a ground tent I have been on a cot, with a pad, and I would consider this about the same quality of sleep, which is pretty good. I did feel more secure in the hammock though. By that I mean, on the cot with a pad I sometimes feel like I am going to roll off at night when shifting. I also own a rooftop tent (going n my trailer) with 4" foam, and again, I would say the sleep was comparable.

    RTT on my Suburban last year:

    I will say that the light I was using did fall off the ridgeline and onto my face while shifting in the hammock in the middle of the night, lol. Luckily it's not heavy!

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