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    I'm new to the hammock world but i figured i start off with a good peice of kit from the get go.
    I'm 6'1'' 190lbs and was wondering which blackbird I should get?

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    Quote Originally Posted by chingon View Post
    I'm new to the hammock world but i figured i start off with a good peice of kit from the get go.
    I'm 6'1'' 190lbs and was wondering which blackbird I should get?
    On the Warbonnet website cover page, there is a table showing recommendations for weight and hammock choice.HERE

    FWIW, I'm 6'5" and 215 lbs and have a 1.1 dbl Blackbird (chosen on Brandon's recommendation). One advantage (to my way of thinking) is that a double layer makes it easier to keep a pad in place inside the hammock.
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    double 1.1 or even single 1.7 would work for someone your weight who is packweight conscious, if you don't care about the weight then double 1.7 would be fine too.

    double layer is the ticket if you'll be using a pad as your primary bottom insulation

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    I'm exactly the same height and weight and since I'm an gram weenie and UQ guy, am using a single 1.7. I sleep plenty flat in mine. If you want a double then go with the DL 1.1 as suggested by Brandon... or shoot for overkill with a DL 1.7.
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    I'm the same size too and love my DL 1.7. Looks like you cant go wrong no matter which way you go!

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    Alright thanks. I wasn't to sure if their was a height limit to these hammocks. If beep big 6'5" manlyness can fit so can mine. What exactly is the difference between 1.1/1.7? Is that the weight?
    Is the purpose of the double layer just for sliding a pad underneath?

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    double can also handle more weight.

    1.1/1,7 is the weight in oz of the fabric per square yard.

    max height is about 6'6" i believe

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    great thanks

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