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    Second home made HH style

    Just thought I would post a couple of pics of the ends, lashing and grommet method. Don't know if any of these are better but it makes me feel good. Thanks again for all the info on this board.
    Hammock ended up being 142"x60" finished length with the ends sewn 9" like some on here have done. 10' of 1" webbing at each end with the ridgeline loop under tension at the webbing tie point ( not shown in the pics). I really like to use just the webbing and no tree huggers, for me everything I need is on the hammock.
    I am not set on the ridgeline length yet as for me it takes a lot of napping to get the right set. Oh the fabric is ripstop nylon with no other info on the bolt. It can be blown through with effort but holds water. It still feels cool to set in. Once again thanks, Bill
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    Looks great Bill. I am going to build another HH style soon, only this one 12' instead of 10'.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mobiltoy View Post
    Don't know if any of these are better but it makes me feel good.
    Well, it sure looks good. I really like your grommet method. Very tidy.

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    Thanks, not sure if the 12' really made the difference over the first one at 11' but at 6'!" my hh explorer seems short at the feet. These feel better but it may just be that there is no bug net for my toes to touch.
    I also heat sealed the ends after putting the grommets on and as a side note I can tell no difference between just the regular folded end and this one with the end sewn first then folded when it comes to the sides being tighter. I put up the hh next to this one and it seems to come from the ridgeline and net support. Side tie outs do help. Just my two cents. Bill

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    looks nice

    I like this method and how neat and clean it is, plus its appealling to me to be able to tear the thing down easily by letting out the webbing. My ziptie and webbing works well so far, but I'd like to experiment with this method or something like it. Thanks for the good pics...


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