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    Whipping Failure aka now I get it

    So as I slowly sat down into my 11 oz Hennessy clone yesterday to figure out the tie outs on my underquilt, I heard and felt a "pop pop pop" noise by my head. Expecting to see shredded 1.1 oz nylon, I discovered that somehow the whipping on the head end of my hammock had failed. About 20 inches of folded material was dangling in the slight breeze.

    15 minutes later I had refolded and re whipped (more securely now I hope), but suffice it to say I now get why Hennessy punches a hole through the material with a hot nail.... but I still didn't do it myself.

    I am curious if anybody else has had this happen to them. Cheers,


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    I have only had my whipping fail on my speer clones when I'm in a hurry and do not hem the end seams, or do not tie a not in the end. But I sure do know how it feels

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    A few people have had the whipping slip. It's a pretty easy fix. How are you whipping the hammock: Sheet bend knot, wrapping cord or string, or using wire ties?
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    it sounds like the material slipped through. Did you have the hemed edge on the outside? Did you have all of the ends on the outside of the whipping? I had that happen when some of the edge was on the wrong side of the whipping.
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    good for you

    Good for you buddy...nice to see you involved in a cool new hobby and trial and error; it's been great talking to you about this stuff over the phone too. Props for going public with the confession- hope it was a gentle touchdown!
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    So what I never did was roll hem the ends of my hammock. I sewed the "tube" and called it good. I have made the hammock so that I have an interior and exterior loop on each end (adjustable ridgeline on one end and ring buckle on the other). In between the two knots, I have whipped the ends like crazy using roughly 6 feet of tightly wrapped cord. There is about 1/2 inch of fabric sticking out the end when I'm done.

    I suppose that if I suffer such a misfortune again, I'll sew the ends shut, effectively creating a rolled hem. Thanks for the thoughts.


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