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Thread: the mooshi tarp

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    the mooshi tarp

    I finally was able to transfer the images of a tarp to here...this is what I call the mooshi tarp, the smallest of my 3 cat cut tarps, named for the smallest of the 3 stray cats we took in. (the other two are the Bart and the Monkey, named for the remaining two cats; sounded better than the small medium and large! I'm actually not that much of a cat guy, oh well...) 1.1 oz sil, 210d spectra reinforcements from scraps I had, GG tie outs, not sure if I want to switch to d rings. The purple is a cool color to look up at but not stealth. I started to figure out the BB curve generator, but being a carpenter ended up grabbing a clear piece of pine 3/8 batten and flexing along the material until I liked the balance of curve and weather protection, then measured the height of the arc and used it on the corresponding other side. All three are different, just experiementing I guess. I did the three in three days, down to about 4 hours or a little better for one with a ridgeline, less for a one piece panel. The others are gray and black for sneakier trips. These were fun projects, quickly gratifying and they work very well, we had two at TD in the rain with no problems. I would like to fool around with beak style tarps though, and with midfield tie outs like I've always had on my regular camping tarps and try pitching it like a gambrel rood for lots of space around the hammock for ease of setting up bed, ventilation, etc. also wicked wind resistance with about 6 tie outs per side plus three on each end- that's alot of guy lines but it's held up to bad winter storms on the ground for me, and with a beak...I better quit typing and go sew!

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    Nice looking tarps. Looks like you've been pretty busy lately.
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    They look really nice. Great job.
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    Looks good. It is a true hex shape, or are the ends longer?
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    Nice looking tarp and I really like the batten idea.
    Did you make your hammock as well?
    I like that the sides seem to be open and not closed in like mine and I am also wondering how you attached the no-seeum netting?

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    I guess it's not a tru hex, I just start by measuring back from 90 deg. off the ridge and eyeball it with another batten or straightedge. We have a cathedral ceiling in our house so I can lay it out below the landing and then go look down on it and get a better perspective as to proportion. I just did what looked graceful to me without cutting away too much material. This tarp to me is a bit optimistic, only a little better than the old stock HH tarp that got me wet. Unless it was a short trip with a clear forecast I'd grab the 10x12 (the Monkey!) in a minute.

    I did make the hammock, there's a pic on the site. The noseeum was a real lesson for me, the first time I made one I had to attach it 4 times, because netting, 1.1, and zipper all travel at different speeds unless you really pay attention. Now I gently hem the netting 1/4", which keeps it from stretching on me, then attach the zipper, then sew it all together. I find it helpful to measure it out first and after sewing some see if one is creeping ahead, and either pin it or cheat it to make up if there is a probelm. I have yet to try the tape method, but I would like to. Normally I cap it all off with GG ribbon, but my next one will be even lighter, and I may slide the netting right into the hem if I can get it nice and neat in order to save a few oz. of GG.


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    Looking good Christian. BD
    Just Jeff made me do it

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