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    Thanks all. It's always good to get some feedback, even if my question is a bit out.

    Hammock Engineer,

    In winter months, I probably won't go high. Bears generally nap and cat's follow their prey into the valleys. As well, since winter is harsh, I will always have at least one back-up, whether it's a tent or snow-dig will depend on the situation. I don't know that I have the nerve to do it from total scratch, I've done it before but most of it was rigged for me. Knowing that it can be done and having done it helps a lot. It was many years ago, so all I have to go on is the fact that it can be done, and easily.

    Do you use a "store bought" hammock? If so, how did you choose the one you use?


    Thanks for the heads up on some things too. I will be practicing standard height, once I can decide on which hammock to buy. There are no bears in the parts of Iowa I will be in, but plenty of extreme cold and hot weather, so I'll get to test what works, how, and safely. Just because of my size, 6'4" and 300 lb (half too much, half extra muscle, sort of bear like I hear), I'll have to overengineer anyway. If I want to stow my gear in the shelter and up with me, I'll really need to turn the thing into a bomb shelter. It'll be an interesting thing.

    I was wondering why you chose the hennesy (I think that's what HH is)? I will see if I can find Blackbishop while I'm chasing around ideas.

    If you are interested in climbing trees, even just to go a little higher with your tent, there is an excellent book for starting out. At $13 or so and shipping, it couldn't hurt. It's "The Tree Climber's Companion" by Jeff Jepson. I've seen this book priced at $70, but the link offers it at the right price.

    I don't think the boat will work, for many reasons. And I've looked at the bat, and I will consider it in a future design, but my guess is it isn't built to handle me.

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    I use what someone refered to as a mutt hammock, basically a top entry hh.

    A side note, don't bears climb trees? I don't think I would use that as your main reason.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hammock engineer View Post
    I use what someone refered to as a mutt hammock, basically a top entry hh.

    A side note, don't bears climb trees? I don't think I would use that as your main reason.
    They do like to climb trees and often love to lay in hammocks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TeeDee View Post
    If you want to hang high in the trees check out the

    Tree Boat

    It is made by tree climber especially for hanging high in trees. Kind of heavy, but then it's your safety you are concerned about.

    Interesting site to say the least. I loved the "bow and arrow" entry.


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    If I were going to try this - and it's a pretty cool idea - I'd likely go for a system that would let me enter the hammock at ground level, then raise the entire setup into the trees. A single attachment point (like the bat hammock) and a pulley system would accomplish this handily, but then weight becomes a concern.

    One issue is that I like to do more than just sleep in my hammock - I lounge, cook, eat, whatever too. That wouldn't be terribly easy 30' off the ground. Although, I've often wondered if a JetBoil could be safely used (or modified to be used) as a hanging system like those used by climbers.

    Another issue - and maybe a very minor one - is rain protection. Since a tarp couldn't be anchored to the ground, I think a pole system would have to be devised. That way the tarp could be secured only to the hammock/trees and still have room for movement underneath it.

    All in all, the solutions I've come up with would rack up some serious weight. Not something I'd want to hike with, but I may play around with it more just because it would be pretty cool to have
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    Having trouble responding. Is there a limit to words or length (I was trying to put up 4 typical paragraphs)?
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    Bears very much climb trees, the more aggresive the more so if you believe some. But they don't generally tight rope. Bears can be better climbers than the big cats. Beyond neither walking lines, neither will mess with lines or knots unless you put food on them or something.

    I really think side entry will work. If not, I will go from there. I know this is doable, but it's been so long that my memory is unsure. It really wasn't all that much work either, but like I said, I wasn't the climb master. I think we just wrapped the hammocks around in a mummy fashion, quite a bit out between trees. But we were fairly sheltered from heavy rain and most wind. A modified mummy, like an outer shell puffed 'snake' using something to maintain a barrel shape would work for heavy rain and perhaps wind or just the staying with the simple mummy and adding layers. And you can definitely add in many more tie-off points to any rig, just maker sure and tie them to relatively immobile parts of trees. Don't know yet how to do it, but I think I'll figure it out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by blackbishop351 View Post
    . Although, I've often wondered if a JetBoil could be safely used (or modified to be used) as a hanging system like those used by climbers.
    i saw a review on a jet boil hanging system (on i believe), but it may not be available yet.
    seems like it was pretty lightweight.
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