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Thread: Shape and size?

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    Question Shape and size?

    New to hammocking and rainflys seemed straight forward til I started reading all these posts... So I am currently looking at a 12'x10' Hennessy Hex tarp to go with my Kammock Roo. My biggest questions are:

    How big is big enough for good coverage?

    What shape should I go with?

    Doors or no doors?

    Basically, any good threads or sites that detail the purpose behind all these different options to help clarify all the mud? Haha.

    I am looking to answer things like why get a tarp with doors when you can close off ends with a hex shape just fine? Any benefit other than a little extra coverage maybe?

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    A 12 x 10 hex tarp would provide all the coverage you need. Doors fully enclose your set up while leaving you ample room under the tarp. You really can't enclose a hex tarp without adding extra tie outs along the side edges and even then the hex shape can only close off so much. You'd end up with much less room with steeper sides.
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    A lot of people love hex tarps, because they give good coverage while removing some fabric. Hex tarps by definition have no doors. Winter tarps have doors by design, and a rectangular tarp can be pitched so that it can be closed off like doors. Some cottage vendors make extra doors that can be attached to their hex tarps.

    In regular 3 season conditions a hex tarp is adequate. It provides good rain coverage, but requires good site election to make sure wind and rain cannot blow in from the ends of the tarp.

    A winter tarp has doors that allow you to essentially enclose all four sides instead of just two for maximum coverage. Warbonnet's Superfly is the quintessential winter tarp many hammockers use.

    Personally I use an 11x10 rectangular tarp that I made for my three season camping. It allows for smaller doors while saving a little weight. To me it's a compromise between the two options. It can also be pitched in a variety of ground dwelling setups if needed also.

    About the hennessey... It's a fine tarp, but it's heavy. If you're car camping it's fine. If backpacking I'd check out the cottage vendors like wilderness logics or warbonnet for their hex tarps. I believe they run about $100 for something that weighs 12oz or so vs 27oz for the hennessey. Their craftsmanship is excellent and well worth the little extra cost.

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