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    Packable, Convertible, Hennesy Hex Rainfly Wall Tent Mod

    I figured I would post this up here, as a lurker but first time poster...First off, I want to thank everyone on these forums...all the awesome DIY posts/projects have given me the courage to try a couple of DIY projects, one being a Costco UQ...and then this one. I call it my Packable Convertible Hot Wall Tent!
    The idea here was to make a wall tent with wood burning tent stove that would fit one butt slinger (me) and one ground hugger (hunting buddy) for use during Elk Hunting season (Oct thru late Nov) in the Rocky Mountains of CO...elevation would be anywhere from 8000-11000 foot and hiking distances up to 15 miles. I wanted something that could be set up the week before hunting season started and left up until elk meat was in the freezer, or at the very least kept in the mountains the entire time. This isn't 100% finished as I still have some questions regarding how it will set up in the mountains (have only had it set up in the basement so far), but I am doing a test run this weekend on a fishing trip to the Frying Pan River. Me and another buddy will be camping for two nights this weekend while fishing, so should be a good test run for the project.
    The only thing I have left to do on the set up is figure out the best way to "attach" the panels to themselves...velcro? toggle ties? or? I am hoping on this fishing trip it will give me a better idea on which path to are the pics:
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    I know about 2 years ago one of the cottage vendors on here made Black Wolf a custom "Hot House" setup for a trip he had planned with Fronkey up in Michigan. I think he got hurt and didn't make that hike. I don't believe he's here on the forum much any more (more on White Blaze) but you might catch him for some insight.

    I don't know if you're familiar with Kifaru products. They make these ultralite silnylon tee-pee shelters with a breakdown stove and pipe. Awesome shelter for exactly the type trips you describe. Definitely not for hammocks though.

    Just my .02 but I think the "convertible" part is going to give you trouble. Trying to make the sidewalls removable but somewhat wind tight/resistant will mean many feet of velcro or dozens of toggles. It looks like you have the DIY skills to make some nice stuff so why not just make a dedicated "house" for the cold and maybe having another diamond tarp for mild weather (aside from time and money)??

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