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    I sure do.

    Thanks for the welcome FanaticFringer

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tony Soprano View Post
    So, with the Plastic cleat it has worked for some - and failed for others?

    Is that correct?
    I just got back from a 5 day trip in Olympic NP, using webbing buckle on the head end and nylon cleat with stock rope on the foot. No problems at all. The bars would flex a bit overnight, but come back to normal during the day. But it never came close to giving way, that I could tell. I weigh a little over 200. Worked good, but now I want to look at the Hitchcraft that Brian tested.

    My freind was using ring buckles and had some slippage problems if he wasn't careful to put a backup hitch. He seemed real interested in the cleat, more so than my cinch buckle.

    I haven't read that the Panther Marine cleat has failed for anyone. Only that the cross bars bend a little with a long hang, but then come back to normal during non-hang time. There was a report on one that broke, but I think it was a different brand.
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    Quote Originally Posted by greggg3 View Post
    I figure you all have probably looked at and dismissed this, but just to make sure, the garda knot or hitch requires two biners, but its very solid for tensioning a hammock suspension rope and can be released easily.

    Downside is the weight of two biners but they are making them lighter and lighter every year. I rock climb so I already have bunches of biners, so I use this for the HH and it works fine (cant get a taughtline or prussick to not slip on the HH rope), but I know this is probably not palatable for the UL crowd.

    Just bringing it up cause I tried to go lighter this past weekend and use this nylon rope cleat thing I found at Lowes, rated for 200 lbs ( I weigh 210 - what was I thinking? . It didn't slip but broke in half after about 5 minutes. I pitched over soft grass in the backyard but got that head slap thing, headache for a couple hours , so I'm back to the biners (or the crazy creek thing for webbing on the speer)

    Just thought I'd mention it.
    thanks for mentioning it. Its been helpful. l
    "This is what i love about backpacking... Just clean your stuff by licking it." - Shug

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cuffs View Post

    Been thinking about this all afternoon (working, but bored to tears)

    A product/part that works on the same idea of a bracket that raises/lowers mini blinds...

    You pull it in one direction and it locks the cord in place. You pull it in the opposite direction and it releases the cord...

    First, is there such a creature? Maybe in the climbing/caving venue? Second, would something like that really work? Physics? Costs? Weights?
    as for climbing gear, you can always look at the petzl tibloc, holds you up there when climbing, easy to move (read adjust the line to proper tension) you also need a biner, but it sure is easy to use, might try it on my hh monday afternoon
    hope it helps
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