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    I have switched over to using Flickr as well. Just copy the BBC code and paste it in your post and away you go. Much easier to manage all my forum photos in one central location. Plus I get a terabyte of free storage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OutandBack View Post
    Hi Passinthru,
    As someone who loves taking pictures and using them in all the different forums I am a member of I have found a free Flicker account much easier to use.
    Forum photo software is always clunky IMO and hard to work with when you want to do a bit of house cleaning.
    And if for some reason you no longer want those embarrassing photos you posted 3 years ago, when you tried Mezca for the first time, it is very easy to delete.
    just my 2 cents
    This is all good but keep the follow in mind.
    When using external photo storage programs like Flickr or any other places like this.
    Once you have deleted your photos from any of those external places, any of these photos that you have posted or linked to in posts on Hammock Forums will no longer display in the forum posts.

    If you use Hammock Forums for your hammock photos, it will prevent you from doing this.
    I am not trying to encourage you to use our gallery.
    I am just pointing and asking you to keep in mind that when removing photos from you external provider to please try to remember if you used them in posts of Hammock Forums.

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    Quote Originally Posted by attroll View Post
    Let me explain what you seeing.
    When you click on manage your attachments.
    Every image that you see should be one that you have included in a post somewhere on the forums. This is why your seeing it and can't delete it.
    If you want to find out what post that you used the image in, follow these steps.

    Hover over the image and a question mark should appear in the upper right of the image.
    Click on the question mark.
    Another box should pop up showing the forum post where the image is being used.
    You should be able to click on it and see the post.
    If the photo was uploaded for attachment but never used is there a way to remove it from this list?

    Edit- I found this note— “ Uploads not utilized within one hour will be deleted”. Cool

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