I used 1.0 Robic to make a Molly Mac Gear Hammock Sock today for a young fellow who will spend the summer in Alaska...
it finished at exactly 10.0 oz!

A 1.4 silnylon Woodland Camo Gear Box comes in a 9 oz... camo is printed on heavier 1.4 nylon, and the ink adds a lot of weight.
A 1.1 silnylon black Gear Box comes in at about 5 oz, depending on what kind of string is used.
But a 1.1 Silpoly Gear Box, with the coreless parachute cord I have on hand, finishes at exactly 4.0 oz!

The 1.0 Robic Hammock Sock and the 1.1 Silpoly Gear Box together packed to about the same size as one of the old Hammock Socks made using 1.1 ripstop nylon.