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    Ring hammock photo

    I remember seeing photos of a decent ring setup somewhere on the net with knots wraps etc, but cant find them now.

    Anybody got a link ??

    My hammock has whipped ends and 12' harbor freight straps straight to the ends.

    I want to keep the whipped ends but change to a short cord out to 2 alum rings and the straps out from the rings to the tree. I already have 4 rings thatnks to a good and kind soul on this forum.

    I like the tree 4 wrap strap setup. Simple.

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    Strap and buckle

    mentioned in a thread here.

    I bought SMC descender/rappel rings from Summit Hut and also from REI
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    Thats one of them. I think I remember seeing another on the net somewhere, but that has enough info.


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