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    What kind of shock cord are you buying?

    I looked online, and it what is coming up, is rolls of bungee cord, shock cord.
    Is this the same stuff and if so, are you buying 1/8th inch?
    Black or white?

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    All of them! Ugh.
    I get mine from Dutch. Much better quality than from my local outdoor store.
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    I am beginning to think, I may have to start a tab with Dutch!

    Quote Originally Posted by sqidmark View Post
    I get mine from Dutch. Much better quality than from my local outdoor store.

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    I just picked some up at my local Ace Hardware, its not from Dutch but its shock cord and works just fine.
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    I buy mine from SLD, here's the link: . Can't beat free shipping for orders of $15 or more, plus I'm sure you'll find something else to add to your order (those mini key chain LED lights are great for the ridgeline)
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    I've purchased from REI by the foot and RSBR by the hank. The shock cord from RSBR has a much softer sheath than the cord from REI, but I don't know which is preferable. They both work fine for me as applied. Right now I don't have a need for anything other than 1/8" which works just fine for primary/secondary underquilt suspension as well as snugging end channels. I'm also using it on a backpack project for snugging drawcord pockets and front panel pocket compression.

    1/4" is huge and I can't think of what I'd use it for related to hammock camping. I would think that 3/32" would certainly be fine for many of the tasks I use 1/8" for, but I don't personally want to deal with two different sizes in my "inventory" and the weight savings would be very minor.
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